Terms of Use for PathologyReport.AI

Terms of use

This website is specifically designed for use by qualified healthcare professionals and should not be utilized by individuals without medical training. The tools and content provided on this site are intended to assist in measuring diagnostic ambiguity and to aid healthcare professionals in determining the need for additional diagnostic testing.

The accuracy of the results generated by this website is contingent upon the completeness and precision of the information input by the user. As such, the outcomes presented should be integrated as a supplementary tool within the broader context of a patient's medical history and clinical profile.

Healthcare professionals should rely on their clinical expertise and judgment when interpreting the results from this website. The information provided here is not exhaustive and does not encompass all aspects of medical care. It should not be used as the sole basis for making clinical decisions regarding patient care.

Please ensure that no personally identifying information (PII) is uploaded to this website. Users are responsible for the anonymization of any patient data prior to using this tool. In the event that PII is detected, the system is designed to automatically redact such information to protect patient privacy. However, Geneseq Biosciences does not guarantee the detection or redaction of all PII and is not liable for any inadvertent processing of PII.

Geneseq Biosciences does not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information or results provided. Furthermore, Geneseq Biosciences disclaims all liability for any damages or consequences arising directly or indirectly from the use of the site or the information contained herein.

By accessing and using this website, healthcare professionals acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions, affirming their commitment to responsible and informed application of the tools offered.

AI Limitations and User Responsibility

In addition to the terms outlined above, it is crucial for users to recognize the inherent limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, including those employed on this website. The AI algorithms and tools provided are complex and sophisticated, yet they are not infallible. As such, there may be instances where the AI-generated results or recommendations are inaccurate, incomplete, or not applicable to a specific clinical situation.

  • Verify AI Responses: Cross-check and validate all AI-generated information against relevant source data, medical literature, and their own domain knowledge. It is essential to assess the AI's outputs critically to ensure their accuracy and applicability to the patient's specific circumstances.
  • Utilize AI as an Aid, Not a Substitute: The AI tools and content on this website are intended to serve as aids to augment professional judgment, not to replace it. Users should not solely rely on AI outputs for making clinical decisions.
  • Understand AI Limitations: Be aware of the scope and constraints of the AI systems in use. The algorithms are designed to process and analyze data based on pre-defined parameters and cannot capture the nuances and complexities of every unique clinical case.
  • Continual Learning and Updates: Recognize that AI systems are continually evolving. What may be a limitation today might be addressed in future updates. Users are encouraged to stay informed about the latest developments in AI tools used in healthcare settings.
  • Report Discrepancies: If discrepancies or errors are identified in the AI-generated results, users should report these instances to the website administrators. This feedback is crucial for improving the accuracy and efficacy of the AI tools.

By using this website, healthcare professionals acknowledge the necessity of integrating their expertise and judgment with the AI-generated information and agree to use the AI tools responsibly, keeping in mind their limitations. This approach ensures the optimal application of AI in enhancing patient care and outcomes.