Privacy Policy for PathologyReport.AI

Our Privacy Guarantee

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Our service is designed to perform data analysis without collecting or storing any personal user data.

No Personal Data Collection

We do not collect any personal information from our users. All analyses are performed using de-identified data sets that cannot be traced back to any individual.

Local Data Processing

All data processing is carried out on secure servers located within Australia. We do not transfer data internationally, ensuring your data is governed by Australian privacy laws.

Secure Data Management

Data security is paramount. We utilize Microsoft Azure servers located in Australia to process and analyze data. These servers are maintained following strict security standards to prevent unauthorized access or breaches.

Data Retention Policy

No user data is retained after the analysis is complete. Once the analytical process concludes, all data is purged from our system, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

Transparency and Compliance

We operate in compliance with Australian privacy laws and regulations. Our policies are transparent, and we are open to any inquiries regarding our data handling practices.

Policy Updates

Our Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect changes to our information practices. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email (if applicable) or by means of a notice on this website prior to the change becoming effective.

By using PathologyReport.AI, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Open Data License for PathologyReport.AI

User Data Rights and Non-Retention Policy

  1. Ownership of Data: As a user of PathologyReport.AI ("Service"), you retain full ownership of all pathology reports, data, and any other information ("User Data") that you submit to the Service. The Service expressly disclaims any ownership rights in such User Data.
  2. License to Use Data: By providing User Data to the Service, you grant the Service a temporary, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to interact with the User Data solely for the purpose of providing you with the Service's functionalities.
  3. Non-Retention of User Data: The Service is designed to not retain any User Data post-analysis. Once the GDAS is generated and delivered to you, the User Data is immediately discarded from our systems.
  4. No Archival of Data: To further protect user privacy, the Service does not archive, backup, or otherwise store User Data once the analytical process is complete.
  5. User Responsibilities: You affirm that the User Data submitted is non-confidential and that you possess the necessary rights and permissions to use and submit the User Data to the Service.
  6. Data Deletion Assurance: In the unlikely event of any User Data remnants in our systems due to technical anomalies, the Service commits to a continuous and systematic process of data purging.
  7. Liability Disclaimer: The Service shall not be liable for any loss, use, or misuse of User Data once it has been processed and the resulting score has been provided to you.

By using PathologyReport.AI, you acknowledge and consent to these terms regarding the use and non-retention of User Data.